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Bill Kemp's 10th (and best) book, Reality Check 101 is now available!

The 267 page Reality Check 101 workbook contains three basic teaching chapters and five illustrated tools to help your congregation discern a better future. 

 Purchase the print workbook from for $15.85    see Sample

Print ISBN: 978-1484152966

eBook is $7.85 from Amazon (kindle) and Smashwords (epub, nook, ipad).    

      epub ISBN 9781301924554

The three teaching chapters teach:

  1. The basic questions every church planning meeting must explore. Also, how to get your church to try new things.
  2. How to plan for sucess. Also, rediscovering your congregation's identity and purpose.
  3. How to engage in group discernment. Also, how should decisions be made in the church?

The five tools are:

  1. The Four Suits: a tool for discerning your congregation's God given calling (vocation)
  2. The Roundabout: a tool for getting your congregation unstuck and back on its journey
  3. The Spiral Rule: a tool for turning your church's vision outward
  4. The Three Phases: a tool for understanding your congregation's history and what needs to be done right now
  5. The Spiritual Fuel Gauge: a tool for rekindling the necessary Spiritual Passion to get the church going.

My resources are geared towards helping churches recover their spiritual passion and missional vision.

See the new Free  Reality Check 101 companion pieces (reproducible handouts)

me-at-faithdeskThis website: As you follow the various links you’ll notice that I offer a multitude of short simple resources. I have written ten books to support congregations and their leaders. I am also available for speaking, providing overview presentations on the above topics and workshops.

     - Bill Kemp

Books & Resources are available through this website, email, or by calling 412-798-2808  is the property of author/speaker Bill Kemp -- my mission is to provide resources for individuals and churches involved in transition - what we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 jn 2:2
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