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Mary Sees All is due out 5/5/2018

Fixing Church 7.0: a Seven Week Study

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Short Study Guide

Fixing  Church starts at the beginning -- What did Jesus really say about Church? Why is his first message to a congregation all about blessing? How does my church bless me? Do I bless others when I spend my time in church? And most importantly, How can my congregation become Church with a capital C?

Designed for small group study

978-09997687-0-9 (print)  978-0-9997687-1-6 (ebook)

Mary Sees All

The Race to Save Jesus from the Cross
Bethany's People

Mary Sees All - the Race to Save Jesus from the Cross, tells the story of the two weeks surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection from the point of view of Mary Magdalene. She is the sister of Lazarus and Martha, peasants from a village near to the holy city, Jerusalem. This 300 page (80,000 word) novel is part of a four book series called, "Bethany's People," that is set in first century Judea/Palestine.

Three Questions that Church Leaders Must Ask

First of three questions

"To understand is hard. Once one understands, action becomes easy." (Sun Yat Sen)  This is especially true of the church. We may hope and pray for renewal, but until we understand what is holding us back, our every action is ineffective. Three questions have been proven effective in leading to both understanding and action:

1) What is the nature of the church?

2) Where is society taking us?

3) What does God call us to do? (our unique vocation).


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Vision Guiding Questions

There are three questions that guide the visioning process. They relate to nature, context, and mission. In this workshop, Bill Kemp shows how these questions developed by Ram Charan for the business setting can be translated for the church use. Asking the right questions is especially important for congregations in transition. The same questions phrased differently can help individuals set appropriate personal goals. The biblical and theological underpinnings of each question will be explored.
A guide for a prayerful discernment process in your congregation.

Finding Shalom Workshop

How to heal the past, be compassionate today, and nonanxious for the future
Intentional interim ministers have a tool box they use to bring Shalom to traumatized and conflicted congregations. That same tool box can helpful for individuals seeking Shalom. To find inner peace we must learn from our past, live compassionately in the present, and plan without anxiety for our future. This is more than simply a balancing act. One must develop a healthy decision making process. One must understand the roles and relationships that provide structure for our individual lives. One must find new ways to bridge conflicts and offer forgiveness.
How to heal the past, be compassionate today, and non-anxious for the future

Which Boat is Your Church?

To be a sailboat is risky
In San Diego there’s a boat museum with three old submarines tied to the dock. I was visiting the Russian Whisky Class submarine from the 1970s, when I noticed a beautiful sailboat tacking against the wind in the harbor. What’s the difference between these two boats? The sailboat is dealing with wind and current. It is taking risks. The Russian sub is securely fastened to the shore. It is a museum piece. I find that when I talk about the church in the postmodern world, the image of the sailboat resonates with only a few church leaders.

3 Parts of every Transition

To find Shalom we need to consider the needs of each part
All transition has three components. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new location, starting a career, or exiting puberty. For general terms you could name the components: body, soul, and relationships. Attention should be paid to each one; failed transitions and broken hearts are often the product of rushing the process and failing to do one or two components well.

5 Stages of Grief, Anger, & Psalm 137

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
Anger is one of Elizabeth Kugler-Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief , and as Scott Peck reminds us, grief is a part of every transition. Say, we lose our job. While adrift, we stew. “I gave the best years of my life…” In time, we move on to another career, or discover that God had a reason for it. We accept it as a blessing. Still, anger was a real stage in our transition. When someone we love dies, anger often lashes out at an innocent bystander. It is human nature to shoot the messenger. We may be excited about moving to a new neighborhood, but soon reality sets in.

The Church Transition Work Book : Getting Your Church in Gear

help your church through its next transition

A guide book for congregations that are navigating times of change. Offers a step by step process for church leaders seeking to restore their congregation back to growth and health. Pastor-Parish Committees will find this book helpful in guiding the transition between pastors. Laid out in a workbook format, CTW provides group excercises and discussion starters to help people get past their anxiety related to change. Describes a step-by-step process for both lay and clergy leaders that keeps them on the same page as pastoral relationships are being redefined.



Reality Check 101

New Paths for a Changing Church

Provides a process for congregational dialogue, as well as, a dozen execises for implementing change. Designed for use on goal setting retreats and for study groups meeting to chart a new cource for their congregation. The book can also be used to effect systemic change across the congregation.  



Kickstart Retreat

Bill presenting the three questions every church leader must ask

The goals that we adopt at charge conference and the hopes lifted up in council meetings rarely bring about real change. Like failed New Year’s resolutions, last year’s church plans go unimplemented. Instead of developing another mission statement that no one remembers, why not learn how to lead your whole church in a process of prayerful discernment? Workshop leader Bill Kemp is the author of Reality Check 101 and eight other books targeted at bringing about system-wide change in the local church.

This workshop helps church leaders, lay and clergy, to lead discernment and do vision casting in their setting. Aimed at helping churches get off of the roundabout.

Available in print or ebook

978-09997687-0-9 (print)  978-0-9997687-1-6 (ebook)

Fixing Church 7.0: a Seven Week Study

Fixing  Church starts at the beginning -- What did Jesus really say about Church? Why is his first message to a congregation all about blessing? How does my church bless me? Do I bless others when I spend my time in church? And most importantly, How can my congregation become Church with a capital C?

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Fixing Church is a short course in thinking differently about Church.The seven sessions consider: how to be a blessing, how to make your spiritual life more enthusiastic, the joy of real compassion and mission work, the nature of fellowship, how to make worship inspiring, returning to our biblical roots, and finally, the eternal soul of your Church. 

Fixing Church 7.0 is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. It also can be used to help laity and clergy get on the same page as they plan for the future.Fixing Church 7.0 runs about 70 pages and includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Designed for small group study
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