My attic is full.

I dont know what to throw out.

Im into my second terabyte of disk storage.

Youd think the center would not hold,

but, I continue to live life like fly paper 

attached to the tail of a cat

(we once had a cat pass over the candles

that we lit on our holiday table)

I love the way things stick

when the mind is left open.

Connection requires a disconnect

from what others call important.

+ In the fall of 2015, I began to upload my photographs to Fine Art America. They will handle distribution and printing for me, though I will still supply prints to those who contact me.

+ Earlier this year, I signed on with a literary agent, Chila Woychik. She is currently trying to sell my novel, The Exodus of Henry Defazio.

+ I am still writing and doing workshops for church leaders. See my biweekly blog: for Tuesday posts on sermon texts and Thursday insights into how to fix your church.



PS: If you wish to contact me, put a 38 in the subject line to avoid my spam filter. My email is still:

me-at-faithdeskThis website is like my attic -- it holds a number of unrelated items. For those of you looking for church leadership resources, there are pages of free material, as well as links for ordering my books. There are also sample chapters from my novel, The Exodus of Henry Defazio. I also do photography, and there are samples and links related to that here. Finally, I am available for speaking and leading workshops. Visit the contact page for more information.

     - Bill Kemp

What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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