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 About Bill Kemp
Bill Kemp is the author of nine books including Holy Places, Small Spaces: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church (Discipleship Resources, 2005),  The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear (Discipleship Resources, 2004), and  “Going Home: Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear,” (with Diane Kerner Arnett,  Kregel Publishing: March, 2005). He recently completed a six book series on specific church growth issues, which includes tittles such as Ezekiel’s Bones: Leadership that Rekindles a Congregation’s Spiritual Passion and Jonah’s Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission”(Discipleship Resources, 2007). He is now working on a vision casting process for small and mid-sized churches. He also dabbles in fiction.

A pastor for 31 years, he recently shifted into full time writing and consulting. As a BillKemp-colortrained intentional interim and church consultant, he has spent the last seven years guiding parishes through transition and presenting workshops on congregational change. In 2007, he also worked for Western Pennsylvania Conference as part of their “Believe Again Plan for Ministry” (a visioning process).

Over the years he has written and produced a number of Passion Plays. His recently completed novel, "Beneath: A Postmodern Telling of Jesus' Passion" arises from his concern to enhance the Lenten experience of the people he has served in ministry.
Bill lives in Penn Hills (Verona), near Pittsburgh, and is married to Karen and the father of two grown children, Matthew and Audrey.  He is an avid photographer, traveler, theater nut, and playwright.

Discipleship Resources merged and shut down its church leadership publishing arm in January, 2010. This is unfortunate, because DR specialized in the kind of readable, low cost, resources that folks (both lay and clergy) appreciate, especially those working in rural areas and with small membership congregations.

Books are still available: Fortunately, I have been able to purchase a portion of the warehouse stock of the eight titles I wrote for Discipleship Resources. I can provide at a reduced cost through this web site books such as Church Transition Workbook,  Holy Places, Small Spaces (for small membership churches), and the six short works addressing specific areas of church life: Ezekiel’s Bones (Spiritual Passion), Jonah’s Whale (Missions), Peter’s Boat (Leadership Burnout), Saul’s Armor (Functional Structures), David’s Harp (Conflict), and Jesus’ New Command (Fellowship). I now own the copyrights for each of these resources. My hope in late 2010 is to supplement these resources with a variety of down-loadable files, as well as, audio, video, and presentation slides (PowerPoint) to enhance their implementation in the local church. Some of these will be available through this website for free. Others will have a minimal charge relating to their production costs.

I also can provide copies of the book I wrote with Diane Kerner Arnett:               Going Home:Facing Life's Final Moments without Fear - this book is provides comfort and support for those with terminal illnesses.

What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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