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To find Shalom we need to consider the needs of each part
All transition has three components. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new location, starting a career, or exiting puberty. For general terms you could name the components: body, soul, and relationships. Attention should be paid to each one; failed transitions and broken hearts are often the product of rushing the process and failing to do one or two components well.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
Anger is one of Elizabeth Kugler-Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief , and as Scott Peck reminds us, grief is a part of every transition. Say, we lose our job. While adrift, we stew. “I gave the best years of my life…” In time, we move on to another career, or discover that God had a reason for it. We accept it as a blessing. Still, anger was a real stage in our transition. When someone we love dies, anger often lashes out at an innocent bystander. It is human nature to shoot the messenger. We may be excited about moving to a new neighborhood, but soon reality sets in.
help your church through its next transition


The Church Transition Work Book : Getting Your Church in Gear

A guide book for congregations that are navigating times of change. Offers a step by step process for church leaders seeking to restore their congregation back to growth and health. Pastor-Parish Committees will find this book helpful in guiding the transition between pastors. Laid out in a workbook format, CTW provides group excercises and discussion starters to help people get past their anxiety related to change. Describes a step-by-step process for both lay and clergy leaders that keeps them on the same page as pastoral relationships are being redefined.

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The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear is especially helpful for churches that are going through a crisis precipitated by:

  • the loss of a pastor under difficult circumstances, such as clergy misconduct or death
  • the moving or retirement of a long-term pastor or of a pastor who micromanaged the church or failed to empower the laity
  • the sudden loss of church membership or a church split
  • a long-term pattern of declining resources
  • a change in community circumstances or the church’s neighborhood.
Reform your building and organization for minisitry


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Saulʼs Armor: Reforming Your Building and Organization for Ministry

How would you describe your church organization? If “agile” isn’t the first word that pops into your mind, then you may need to reform the way your church responds to change. Change? Most church organizations are not built to respond quickly to changes in their environment or shifts in their membership’s resources. How would you describe your church building(s)? If “functional” isn’t your first choice, then you definitely need Saul’s Armor. Keeping a congregation spiritually healthy and focused on its mission is a constantly moving target.


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Saul’s Armor begins with the choice that David made to fight Goliath while wearing clothing that fit and carrying a weapon that rewarded his natural agility. Bill then provides five guiding principles for reforming your organization and restructuring your building use. The short chapters and exercises make this book appropriate for small group discussions. It is written to help laity and clergy get on the same page. It also contains practical tools for making your church more welcoming and your committees more future oriented.

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Helps burned out leaders rediscover their spiritual vitality


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Only in available in Print. Ebook and 2nd edition are being considered for 2019

Peterʼs Boat: Renewing the Vitality of Burned-out Church Workers

This book is a must-read for anyone serious about volunteering, or working for, the church. Packed with practical exercises and helpful illustrations, Peter’s Boat debunks some of the most dangerous myths about Christian service and provides a four step plan for recovering from burnout. Like the Apostle Peter, we often feel guilty about the wrong things in life. This guilt drives us to take on more than we ought to. This leads to a rat-race of unfulfilled expectations. Meanwhile we spend less and less time doing the things that make us feel fulfilled, appreciated, and empowered.

Written by a recovering Work-a-holic, Peter’s Boat speaks the truth about why so many church leaders, both lay and clergy, are burned out. It lays out in simple terms what we need to do for ourselves in order to stay healthy and enthusiastic.  This short paperback is 104 pages long. Every chapter has a "Leadership Lesson" take-away and an Evaluation Exercise to reinforce the key insights.

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Reconnect your congregation with its mission


Jonahʼs Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

Why missions should matter to the average church attender and how to get your people more enthusiastic about outreach. Also; how do you discover the unique form of mission work which is best suited for your church and location.

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Help your church rediscover the joy of fellowship


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Jesusʼ New Command: Rediscovering the Joy of Fellowship

How to build the fellowship life of a congregation and improve the vitality of the church’s small groups. Jesus’ New Command addresses the basics of his command that we love each other, and by our love, be known as his disciples.

This book offers practical tools to enhance the loving relationships within your congregation. Written for both lay and clergy church leaders, it helps unpack the baggage that keeps us from forming loving fellowships.

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Learn how to handle and prevent conflict in your congregation


David's Harp:Returning Harmony to Conflicted Congregations

A simple approach to conflict resolution which helps church leaders, both lay and clergy, lower tension and anxiety in their congregation. This book also provides preventative maintenance for those who want to keep their church healthy. 

David's Harp provides three guiding principles to encourage positive behavior and communication within a congregation:

1. leaders need to be non-defensive listeners

2. healthy communication happens when everyone trusts the process

3. developing a good decision making process is key

Rather than blaming individuals for problems in the church, this helps you to explore the deeper systemic causes.

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Holy Places, Small Spaces: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church

This popular title has been sold out. Bill is looking for a cowriter to develop an updated 2nd Edition, possibly by the end of 2018. The second edition will have additional material and be available in e-book formats, as well as, print.

Out of Print (look fo 2nd edition in 2019)
When death is imminent, doubts may arise...


Going Home: Facing Life's Final Moments without Fear

Co-authored with Diane Kerner Arnett, this book of spiritual comfort and practical guidance answers the questions of Christians facing death about the security of their salvation and the reason for their suffering, feelings of guilt for craving relief, or concerns for those they will leave behind. An easy to read paperback of 140 pages, this book is designed to give terminally ill people easy access to the information that they need.

Print version currently In Stock - ebook will be available late 2018