This material supports Bill Kemp's  presentation on church change.

Authenticity will be the subject of a book scheduled for release in 2012.

It is what defines success, for both individual Christians and the local church.

Authenticity = being passionate about God, faithful to our mission, and loving in our relationships.

Authenticity is similar to Humility, which is a character trait, but differs in that it relates to actions. In our personal lives, as well as, in our churches, we can make choices, receive training, and set measurable goals that result in greater authenticity. Progress for us as Christians usually relates to the three aspects of authenticity: Spiritual Passion, Mission, and Community.

The popular church renewal program Natural Church Development, lifts up eight characteristics that relate in some way to congregational authenticity. Church Smart has done extensive statistical work to show have these characteristics correlate to church growth. My books compliment that much more detailed program. 

Personal life

The Church

The Political State


Spiritual Passion

Economic & Cultural Progress


Outward Mission

Global compassion

Community (love)

Loving Community

Concern for individual freedom and welfare

Driving force

Godís unconditional love of the individual

Jesusí loving ownership of each congregation

A peopleís love for the state

Authenticity is not the only thing, but it matters more than we think.

Transition gets us in the game

Authenticity defines success

Asset management determines effectiveness

What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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