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Mary Sees All (Book 1)

Mary Sees All - the Race to Save Jesus from the Cross, is a fast paced historical fiction set near Jerusalem during the fateful week that Jesus was crucified. Mary has a unique point of view, a lyrical voice, and a gift for drama. Both outrageous and outcast, she is an unforgettable heroine in this, the first of three books about the residents of ancient Bethany.

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Early reviewers say:

  • “I absolutely loved the depth I found in Mary Sees All”
  • “Bill Kemp fleshes out each character, as well as, Bethany’s world”
  • “Too often religious fiction books present the events of the Bible as foregone conclusions. Kemp’s work has real people struggling with an unknown future”
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I Believe - a full length Passion Play

Believe in Easter Again! Put on a Lenten drama that's more than just a show. 

Dig deeply into what you believe by playing a part in the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. If you were Judas, what would you be thinking the next day as you revisited the Upper Room? If you were Jesus' mother, how would you take the news that your son was on trial before Pontius Pilate?

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Fixing Church 7.0: a Seven Week Study

Fixing  Church starts at the beginning -- What did Jesus really say about Church? Why is his first message to a congregation all about blessing? How does my church bless me? Do I bless others when I spend my time in church? And most importantly, How can my congregation become Church with a capital C?

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Fixing Church is a short course in thinking differently about Church.The seven sessions consider: how to be a blessing, how to make your spiritual life more enthusiastic, the joy of real compassion and mission work, the nature of fellowship, how to make worship inspiring, returning to our biblical roots, and finally, the eternal soul of your Church. 

Fixing Church 7.0 is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. It also can be used to help laity and clergy get on the same page as they plan for the future.Fixing Church 7.0 runs about 70 pages and includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Designed for small group study
New Paths for a Changing Church


Reality Check 101

Provides a process for congregational dialogue, as well as, a dozen execises for implementing change. Designed for use on goal setting retreats and for study groups meeting to chart a new cource for their congregation. The book can also be used to effect systemic change across the congregation.  

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As a tightrope walker alone on her path, so each church must discern a way forward. Reality Check provides a process for dialogue, a well as, a dozen exercises for implementing change.

help your church through its next transition


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Currently not available as an ebook - scheduled ebook release mid-2018

The Church Transition Work Book : Getting Your Church in Gear

When something traumatic happens to a church, how can the leadership of that congregation get back on their feet? This book talks about change and transition in simple terms. Using the analogy of a gearshift (PRNDL), this book offers a step by step process for church leaders seeking to restore their congregation back to growth and health. Pastor-Parish Committees will find this book helpful in guiding the transition between pastors.

Church Transition Workbook can be purchased directly from Bill Kemp for $10 plus $5 shipping/handling. Multicopy discounts available through

The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear is especially helpful for churches that are going through a crisis precipitated by:

  • the loss of a pastor under difficult circumstances, such as clergy misconduct or death
  • the moving or retirement of a long-term pastor or of a pastor who micromanaged the church or failed to empower the laity
  • the sudden loss of church membership or a church split
  • a long-term pattern of declining resources
  • a change in community circumstances or the church’s neighborhood.
When death is imminent, doubts may arise...


Going Home: Facing Life's Final Moments without Fear

Co-authored with Diane Kerner Arnett, this book of spiritual comfort and practical guidance answers the questions of Christians facing death about the security of their salvation and the reason for their suffering, feelings of guilt for craving relief, or concerns for those they will leave behind. An easy to read paperback of 140 pages, this book is designed to give terminally ill people easy access to the information that they need.

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Kemp, a Methodist pastor, and Arnett, a reporter and cancer survivor, offer this guide to help Christians who have been diagnosed with terminal illness. In ultra-short chapters (kept brief so they can be useful to those who are fatigued by illness), the authors deal with many of the relational issues that the dying may be struggling with: How can I know that I'll go to heaven? Should I be preparing for death or holding out hope for a miracle cure? Why do I feel so alone, even when there are loved ones around me? How do I cope with the physical pain? How can I forgive others and myself? Why have some friends deserted me? How can I best help my loved ones get through this? Kemp and Arnett also address practical concerns such as wills, estate planning, organ donation and funerals; these chapters are helpful in an introductory way, but readers will need additional sources beyond this guide, whose most important contribution is spiritual. The book's final section walks readers through the final stages of life's journey, teaching readers how to pray for forgiveness of sins and thank God for the gift of life. The authors close out the book by providing poetry, prayers and quotations about death and heaven. 

Print version currently In Stock - ebook will be available late 2018
Learn how to handle and prevent conflict in your congregation


David's Harp:Returning Harmony to Conflicted Congregations

DAVID'S HARP uses the story of David and King Saul to talk about congregational anxiety and how it generates persitent conflicts in many congregations today. More than just a guide to conflict resolution, David's Harp helps church leaders, both lay and clergy, lower tensions and engage in the preventative maintenance needed for a healthy congregation. 

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David's Harp provides three guiding principles to encourage positive behavior and communication within a congregation:

1. Leaders should  be non-defensive listeners

2. Healthy communication happens when everyone trusts the process

3. Having a good decision making process is more important than making any one decision right

Rather than blaming individuals for problems in the church, this book helps you to explore the deeper systemic causes. Solving current conflict should be seen in the perspective of how to mitigate future conflicts.

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Reconnect your congregation with its mission


Jonahʼs Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

Is your church is living out its mission to make disciples? Do you example the love of God in your mission work? Using the biblical framework of the story of Jonah, this book offers six leadership lessons fo transforming the church into a community that makes a difference. This book challenges church es to answer the question: Would the world be a poorer place without my church?


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Why missions should matter to the average church attender and how to get your people more enthusiastic about outreach. Also; how do you discover the unique form of mission work which is best suited for your church and location. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback - 106 pages. 

"I stongly urge every clergy and lay person desiring to claim God's mission where they live to form a small group and study this book together. It isn't about a fishy tale -- it's about a faithful future." - Julia Kuln Wallace, Church Consultant

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Help your church rediscover the joy of fellowship


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Available only in Print Edition

Jesusʼ New Command: Rediscovering the Joy of Fellowship

How to build the fellowship life of a congregation and improve the vitality of the church’s small groups. Jesus’ New Command addresses the basics of his command that we love each other, and by our love, be known as his disciples.

This book offers practical tools to enhance the loving relationships within your congregation. Written for both lay and clergy church leaders, it helps unpack the baggage that keeps us from forming loving fellowships.

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Fellowship is often a word that the church misunderstands. Jesus’ New Command shows how any church can tap into today’s deep yearning for community, relationships, and authentic fellowship. 

"Kemp provides delightful stories, reflections, and Bible study that make this book essential.”

 - Julia Kuln Wallace, Church Consultant

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Helps burned out leaders rediscover their spiritual vitality


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Only in available in Print. Ebook and 2nd edition are being considered for 2019

Peterʼs Boat: Renewing the Vitality of Burned-out Church Workers

This book is a must-read for anyone serious about volunteering, or working for, the church. Packed with practical exercises and helpful illustrations, Peter’s Boat debunks some of the most dangerous myths about Christian service and provides a four step plan for recovering from burnout. Like the Apostle Peter, we often feel guilty about the wrong things in life. This guilt drives us to take on more than we ought to. This leads to a rat-race of unfulfilled expectations. Meanwhile we spend less and less time doing the things that make us feel fulfilled, appreciated, and empowered.

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Written by a recovering Work-a-holic, Peter’s Boat speaks the truth about why so many church leaders, both lay and clergy, are burned out. It lays out in simple terms what we need to do for ourselves in order to stay healthy and enthusiastic.  This short paperback is 104 pages long. Every chapter has a "Leadership Lesson" take-away and an Evaluation Exercise to reinforce the key insights.

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