This material will be part of Bill Kemp's upcoming book:
A simple guide to a spiritual life


threefoci_circleChange my life? How?
The circle of change also applies
 to your personal life as a Christian.

The chart below identifies where you need to focus your efforts at this time.

Personal Life

Area of concern

Symptoms of Problem

Signs of health


“Spinning my wheels,”

debilitating fears, unresolved feelings about past, black & white thinking

Transparency, balance,

Integrity, appropriate utilization of past



Flat or materialistic worldview


Creative participation in worship and the arts

  Quark 1) Faith

  Quark 2) Mercy

Narrow or self-focused worldview

Utilization of your resources, talents, and time for the benefit of others. 

  Quark 3) Community

Lack of depth, solipsism, conflict, co-dependence

Healthy boundaries together with appropriate vulnerability. Love experienced.

Asset Management

Where you live and/or what you own doesn’t support your goal of an authentic life

Healthy network of relationships, fruitful employment, charitable acts, and creative participation in life, makes the world a richer place because you existed.

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Outline for resources being currently produced by Bill Kemp:

Authenticity: A simple guide to a spiritual life

Preface: Who this book is for and how it came to be

1) Defining the indefinable

2) Change? Who said anything about change?

3) The three quarks

4) Transition precedes Authenticity

5) Asset reallocation always follows Authenticity

6) More Change

What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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