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The Church Transition Work Book : Getting Your Church in Gear

A guide book for congregations that are navigating times of change. Offers a step by step process for church leaders seeking to restore their congregation back to growth and health. Pastor-Parish Committees will find this book helpful in guiding the transition between pastors. Laid out in a workbook format, CTW provides group excercises and discussion starters to help people get past their anxiety related to change. Describes a step-by-step process for both lay and clergy leaders that keeps them on the same page as pastoral relationships are being redefined. Included are stories, practical tools, and activities.

CTW is often used as a text book for training Intentional Interim Ministers and Transitional Consultants.

8 1/2 x 11  144 pages  Published by Discipleship Resources.

The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear is especially helpful for churches that are going through a crisis precipitated by:

  • the loss of a pastor under difficult circumstances, such as clergy misconduct or death
  • the moving or retirement of a long-term pastor or of a pastor who micromanaged the church or failed to empower the laity
  • the sudden loss of church membership or a church split
  • a long-term pattern of declining resources
  • a change in community circumstances or the church’s neighborhood.

Church Transition Workbook can be purchased directly from Bill Kemp for $10 plus $5 shipping/handling 

help your church through its next transition


144 pages
Table of Contents: 


  • Chapter 1: “Trauma and Transition”
  • Chapter 2: “How the Bible talks about Transition”
  • Chapter 3: “The Process of Transition”
  • Chapter 4: “Interim Ministers and Other Consultants”


  • Chapter 5: “An Example of a Transitional Church”
  • Chapter 6: “How long will we be here?”
  • Chapter 7:  “Healing is Incremental
  • Chapter 8: “Leadership During Transition”

....and twenty more chapters, each with group excercises and copy-pemitted handouts, plus an appendix that provides worship suggestions for your transition period.