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David's Harp:Returning Harmony to Conflicted Congregations

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DAVID'S HARP uses the story of David and King Saul to talk about congregational anxiety and how it generates persitent conflicts in many congregations today. More than just a guide to conflict resolution, David's Harp helps church leaders, both lay and clergy, lower tensions and engage in the preventative maintenance needed for a healthy congregation. 

Even among God's people, friction is common. The Bible reveals that contention was present in the earliest days of the New Testament fellowship. Because of the interpersonal relationships, the church never can be purely spiritual or reasonable in its decision-making.To negotiate through and resolve congregational conflict, leaders must gently but firmly move people to a new and healthier equilibrium and commitment. This means learning how to focus on intentional peacemaking. When a church deals with its conflicts and divisions with integrity, and its leaders practice compassion toward those who dissent, the church offers a profound model for facing and healing the world's conflicts.

David's Harp provides three guiding principles to encourage positive behavior and communication within a congregation:

1. Leaders should  be non-defensive listeners

2. Healthy communication happens when everyone trusts the process

3. Having a good decision making process is more important than making any one decision right

Rather than blaming individuals for problems in the church, this book helps you to explore the deeper systemic causes. Solving current conflict should be seen in the perspective of how to mitigate future conflicts.

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Learn how to handle and prevent conflict in your congregation


David's Harp
Table of Contents: 

David's Harp dives into the underlying culture of a congregation. That culture is shaped by its underlying orientation towards mission or fellowship and by the recent changes that have caused people to be anxious. 

1) Anxiety and Change: The Icing on the Cake

2) Quadrant One: The Culture of Task Orientation

3) Quadrant Two: Fighting Like Family and the Culture of Cliques

4) Quadrant Three: The Culture of Apathy

5) Quadrant Four: Beyond the Happy Medium

6) Divine Tools for Reconciliation

109 page 8.5x5.5 trade paperback