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How to heal the past, be compassionate today, and nonanxious for the future
Intentional interim ministers have a tool box they use to bring Shalom to traumatized and conflicted congregations. That same tool box can helpful for individuals seeking Shalom. To find inner peace we must learn from our past, live compassionately in the present, and plan without anxiety for our future. This is more than simply a balancing act. One must develop a healthy decision making process. One must understand the roles and relationships that provide structure for our individual lives. One must find new ways to bridge conflicts and offer forgiveness. If our lay people can apply these lessons to their personal lives, they will be more effective as church leaders and less anxious throughout their congregation’s transition.
How to heal the past, be compassionate today, and non-anxious for the future
Workshop Overview : 
A workshop for Transitional Specialists and Interim Ministers showing how Family Systems theory, Non-anxious presence, and other tools can be applied to individual healing and spirituality.