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Fixing Church 7.0: a Seven Week Study

Short Study Guide
Designed for small group study

Fixing  Church starts at the beginning -- What did Jesus really say about Church? Why is his first message to a congregation all about blessing? How does my church bless me? Do I bless others when I spend my time in church? And most importantly, How can my congregation become Church with a capital C?

Written with the minimum of jargon, Fixing Church 7.0 is appropriate for any denomination or size of congregation. It focuses on the core basics that every Church has in common. The tone of the book is hopeful and non-anxious. It always assumes that Jesus loves your church, and you do too on most days. 


Fixing Church is a short course in thinking differently about Church.The seven sessions consider: how to be a blessing, how to make your spiritual life more enthusiastic, the joy of real compassion and mission work, the nature of fellowship, how to make worship inspiring, returning to our biblical roots, and finally, the eternal soul of your Church. 

Fixing Church 7.0 is an appropriate study for Lent, because it provides insight into why Jesus was so passionate about his Church. It also can be used to help laity and clergy get on the same page as they plan for the future.Fixing Church 7.0 runs about 70 pages and includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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Table of Contents: 

Topics covered are:

    •    How to be a Blessing

    •    How to make your Spiritual Life more enthusiastic

    •    The joy of real Compassion and mission work

    •    The nature of Fellowship (and how to fix it when it's broke)

    •    What makes Worship inspiring? (It's not what people assume)

    •    How to get back to our Biblical roots

    •    (and finally) The eternal Soul of the Church.