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Jesusʼ New Command: Rediscovering the Joy of Fellowship

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How to build the fellowship life of a congregation and improve the vitality of the church’s small groups. Jesus’ New Command addresses the basics of his command that we love each other, and by our love, be known as his disciples.

This book offers practical tools to enhance the loving relationships within your congregation. Written for both lay and clergy church leaders, it helps unpack the baggage that keeps us from forming loving fellowships.

Fellowship is often a word that the church misunderstands. Jesus’ New Command shows how any church can tap into today’s deep yearning for community, relationships, and authentic fellowship. 

"Kemp provides delightful stories, reflections, and Bible study that make this book essential.”

 - Julia Kuln Wallace, Church Consultant

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Help your church rediscover the joy of fellowship


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Table of Contents: 
  • Understanding Christ’s emphasis on fellowship. 
  • How the shared values of humility, sacrifice, and continuous presence, can change the leadership structure of your church.
  • How to lead change in the church so that people want to spend time together.
  • How to improve the small group offerings of your church.
  • Understanding the principles behind community development.
  • How to unite the congregation through its shared relationship with Christ.
  • How expand the fellowship of the church in ways that will reach younger adults.

… and seven other topics