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Jonahʼs Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

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Is your church is living out its mission to make disciples? Do you example the love of God in your mission work? Using the biblical framework of the story of Jonah, this book offers six leadership lessons fo transforming the church into a community that makes a difference. This book challenges church es to answer the question: Would the world be a poorer place without my church?

Why missions should matter to the average church attender and how to get your people more enthusiastic about outreach. Also; how do you discover the unique form of mission work which is best suited for your church and location. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paperback - 106 pages. 

"I stongly urge every clergy and lay person desiring to claim God's mission where they live to form a small group and study this book together. It isn't about a fishy tale -- it's about a faithful future." - Julia Kuln Wallace, Church Consultant


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Reconnect your congregation with its mission


Table of Contents: 
  1. Lost like Jonah — how good leaders learn to ask for directions and ask the right questions.
  2. Riding the Whale — how to prepare for meaningful change
  3. From Nudge to Nineveh — how to practice discernment. Discovering God’s will for your church.
  4. Taking it to the Streets — how to get to know your neighbors and their needs
  5. Dishing up what the Assyrians will eat — how to market your church and perfect need based missions.
  6. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul — funding for missions