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Mary Sees All is due out 5/5/2018

Mary Sees All

Mary Sees All - the Race to Save Jesus from the Cross, tells the story of the two weeks surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection from the point of view of Mary Magdalene. She is the sister of Lazarus and Martha, peasants from a village near to the holy city, Jerusalem. This 300 page (80,000 word) novel is part of a four book series called, "Bethany's People," that is set in first century Judea/Palestine.

The book is set to be released 5/5/2018. Print versions may be preordered to arrive in time for Mother's Day. A free four chapter ebook sample is available for review purposes click: Mary Sample

Other Bethany’s People titles will include
Lazarus Dies First  - The Search for a New King  (Winter, 2019)
Martha Finds Rest -  Finding a New home for Jesus’ People ( Spring, 2020)
Mark Goes Everywhere  - A  Journey of Hope (coming spring, 2021)

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