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Peterʼs Boat: Renewing the Vitality of Burned-out Church Workers

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This book is a must-read for anyone serious about volunteering, or working for, the church. Packed with practical exercises and helpful illustrations, Peter’s Boat debunks some of the most dangerous myths about Christian service and provides a four step plan for recovering from burnout. Like the Apostle Peter, we often feel guilty about the wrong things in life. This guilt drives us to take on more than we ought to. This leads to a rat-race of unfulfilled expectations. Meanwhile we spend less and less time doing the things that make us feel fulfilled, appreciated, and empowered. By looking at the systemic causes of burnout, this book provides a guide for making the church both more compassionate and more fruitful.

Written by a recovering Work-a-holic, Peter’s Boat speaks the truth about why so many church leaders, both lay and clergy, are burned out. It lays out in simple terms what we need to do for ourselves in order to stay healthy and enthusiastic.  This short paperback is 104 pages long. Every chapter has a "Leadership Lesson" take-away and an Evaluation Exercise to reinforce the key insights.

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Helps burned out leaders rediscover their spiritual vitality


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Only in available in Print. Ebook and 2nd edition are being considered for 2019
Table of Contents: 

Introduction: “What Is Burnout?”

Chapter One: “The Problem with Perfection”

Chapter Two: “Sink First, Ask Questions Later” or “The Problem of Codependence”

Chapter Three: “The Truth about Work Addiction”

Chapter Four: “Boundaries and Burnout”  

(Also: How to have a really good Sabbath every week)