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Reality Check 101

Provides a process for congregational dialogue, as well as, a dozen execises for implementing change. Designed for use on goal setting retreats and for study groups meeting to chart a new cource for their congregation. The book can also be used to effect systemic change across the congregation.  

Is your church stuck? Do you go around and around, discussing the need for change, but fail to get anything off the ground. Most church leaders distrust goal setting, with good reason. Reality Check is different because it connects people, their faith, and each congregation’s unique calling from God. Bill Kemp wants to end topdown decision making, by training people how to do prayerful discernment. In this, his tenth book, he presents a practical, step by step, process for implementing needed change.

Reality Check 101 includes three basic teaching chapters and five church change tools to help your congregation discern a better future. Each chapter contains small group exercises, twelve in all, that teach people how to think creatively about their church. These prayer and discernment circles will build the congregation’s buy-in for needed change.

The teaching chapter and excercises can be used in any order. Pastors can choose to have different groups in the church focus on different components of the change strategy offered by Reality Check 101. Designed to be a flexible resource, fitting in to the calender of the local church and allowing you to do things your way.

Print: 7.5x9 workbook format  265 pages.  Reality Check 101 can be purchased directly from Bill Kemp for $10 plus $5 shipping/handling.  


As a tightrope walker alone on her path, so each church must discern a way forward. Reality Check provides a process for dialogue, a well as, a dozen exercises for implementing change.

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New Paths for a Changing Church


ISBN# 9781484152966