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Saulʼs Armor: Reforming Your Building and Organization for Ministry

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How would you describe your church organization? If “agile” isn’t the first word that pops into your mind, then you may need to reform the way your church responds to change. Change? Most church organizations are not built to respond quickly to changes in their environment or shifts in their membership’s resources. How would you describe your church building(s)? If “functional” isn’t your first choice, then you definitely need Saul’s Armor. Keeping a congregation spiritually healthy and focused on its mission is a constantly moving target. This is a rare book, in that it talks about how to change your structure so that adapting to change becomes more natural.

Saul’s Armor begins with the choice that David made to fight Goliath while wearing clothing that fit and carrying a weapon that rewarded his natural agility. Bill then provides five guiding principles for reforming your organization and restructuring your building use. The short chapters and exercises make this book appropriate for small group discussions. It is written to help laity and clergy get on the same page. It also contains practical tools for making your church more welcoming and your committees more future oriented.

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Reform your building and organization for minisitry


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Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1:     Agility: “A New Kind of Fit”

The Five Smooth Stones:

Chapter 2:     Engage:  “When Walls Say ‘Welcome’”

Chapter 3:     Nurture:  “Where People Learn to Love the Lord”

Chapter 4:    Equip:  “Where People are Empowered to be His Disciples”

Chapter 5:    Envision:  “When Committees Really Work”

Chapter 6:     Send:  “When Giving Becomes Joyful”

A Postscript:   

Chapter 7:     “Build a New One or Fix the Old?”