Spiritual Passion is a necessary component of Authenticity, both in our own personal lives and in the church.
See Acts 2:41-47


Spiritual passion is the fuel that keeps a congregation active and excited about the faith it has to share with the world. Without spiritual passion, a church, no matter what its size, will either crash and burn or become a hollow shell of its former glory. Just as the body is fueled by a nutritious diet, so a church is fueled by a healthy, passionate, spirituality.

The 7 marks of low spiritual passion are:

1.     A reluctance to witness or share faith with others (they donít even invite others to church)

2.     A lack of genuine expectation of prayer to change things

3.     A loss of interest in studying the Bible or expecting it to have truth that can be applied to daily life

4.     An inability to show any joy when talking about faith

5.     A lifeless feel to worship, even though the worship performance may be of excellent quality

6.     A disconnect between the work of the churchís committees and the faith that the church professes  (what we believe doesnít affect what we do)

7.     A loss of hope for the future coupled with a reluctance to try new things

The following study sheet may be copied for use in your church: SS_Passion

Spiritual Passion in is the subject of my book:

Ezekiel's Bones: Rekindling Your Congregation's Spiritual Passion
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What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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