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I am available for district and local church events

Simply call 412-798-2808

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The topics and speaking fees listed below are meant as a guide.  I often do larger "keynote" addresses and then followup with a small informal gathering for clergy and staff to work through how to implement the material in their context.  I tailor each presentation to meet your specific needs.
1) "Change? Who said anything about change?" A fun workshop on how to get even the most reluctant congregation moving towards becoming a more authentic church. Since the book is still being written on this subject, I will provide handouts and access to web resources for every participant. I also present the Change Circle as a tool for diagnosing what needs to be done first in your church.

Also see the workshops on Transition (#9 below) 
     Parts 1 & 2 (Pdf file)     Parts 3&4 (Pdf file)

2) Building Spiritual Passion in Your Church (based upon the material found in Ezekiel's Bones ). Workshop looks first at the how to identify the marks of low spiritual passion in congregational culture. The importance of making a "system-wide" change is stressed. Then we look at the four "lift points" for increasing spiritual passion.

3)NEW!  Reality Check 101: Helping your church plan for its future. The Spiral Rule (why be outward in your vision), the Four Suits (how to define success), the Organizational Life Cycle (the ultimate importance of spiritual passion), and the Three Phases of Ministry, are all explained in simple language and memorable images.

4) Good Seeds 2 Good Soil: A rural approach to small church ministry (based upon Holy Places, Small Spaces: A Hopeful Future for the Small Membership Church).  Also includes RC 101 material with application to the transitions experienced by rural communities.

5) Walls that Say "Welcome": Functional Structures and Attracting New People  (Using material found in Saul's Armor ). This workshop deals with both the buildings and organizational structures. What is and isn't working for us? How do we adapt our buildings for today's people and programs? Practical help with an eye to the financial limitations that most congregations struggle with. New material on adapting to the emerging postmodern culture is also included in this presentation.

6) Preventing Burnout (Using material found in Peterís Boat ). This workshop is appropriate for retreat settings and clergy renewal times. My approach is unique in that it presents burnout as a condition to be found in every arena of life. There are, however, some particular challenges that religious workers face. Discussion time will seek to provide tools for establishing healthy boundaries and protecting the clergy person's family life.

7) Doing Mission in a Postmodern world.  (Material from Jonah's Whale) This challenging presentation shows what the church must do today to reconnect with its purpose for being. People are taught to ask the question, "How would the world be different if my church had never existed?" Then they are invited to reconnect with ministry that uses the love of Christ to transform their neighborhood. The Postmodern Manifesto is also explained.

8) Rabbits, Soup, and Hungry People: a creative approach to asset management. This presentation tells how to align your building and organization to support your mission and ministry.  An outline is provided for the significant paradigm shifts that every congregation must master to stay healthy. The Change Circle provides a tool for diagnosing what needs to be done first in your church. Addition material is provided based upon your church's particular needs.

9) Making a Healthy Transition: Moving from Trauma to Healing (uses the Church Transition Workbook).  This workshop can be geared towards congregations receiving a new pastor, pastors going to new situations, or the more general spiritual process of transition in our lives. Conflict management and prevention is also covered.

10) Personal Transitions:  Midlife, Death & Dying, etc.  This material is appropriate for retreats or informal workshops.

In determining fees I use the following guidelines:

  • One day event =  $750 plus Travel
  • Two days, up to five 90 min sessions = $1,200 plus Travel
  • Three days  = $ 1,750 plus Travel
2012 ONLY! - Workshops on the new Reality Check 101 material will be available for congregations within 150 miles of Pittsburgh for a donation and Travel Costs. 

What we shall be has not yet been made known, but right now we are children of God - 1 John 3:2
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