Bill Kemp

Author, Publisher, Photographer

Bill Kemp is the author of ten books including Reality Check 101: New Paths for a Changing Church (Amazon), The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear (Discipleship Resources, 2004), and “Going Home: Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear,” (with Diane Kerner Arnett, Kregel Publishing: March, 2005).

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Martha Finds Rest: an Easter Story

Bethany's People

“Martha, Martha, everyone depends on you. Get up.” As she lifts her head from the floor, the banquet room silently spins. It’s Saturday and Jesus is dead. Her very being feels raw. She’s never been...

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Managing Congregational Anxiety Workshop

For the sake of your congregation’s future, there are five paradigm shifts you must lead. The shifts are: From denial to acceptance of the current reality, from anger to the formation of a new identity, from bargaining to a saner decision-making process, from depression to self-care, and from passivity to actively planning for the future.