Reality Check 101 Workshop

Reality Check 101 Workshop

The goals that we adopt at charge conference and the hopes lifted up in council meetings rarely bring about real change. Like failed New Year’s resolutions, last year’s church plans go unimplemented. Instead of developing another mission statement that no one remembers, why not learn how to lead your whole church in a process of prayerful discernment? Workshop leader Bill Kemp is the author of Reality Check 101 and eight other books targeted at bringing about system-wide change in the local church. He will present a process for step by step visioning that can be integrated into the daily life of the congregation.

This workshop helps church leaders, lay and clergy, to lead discernment and do vision casting in their setting. Aimed at helping churches get off of the roundabout.

January 9-11, 2017 at Olmsted Manor, Ludlow, PA (may be repeated in future years).

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Workshop Overview :

A Reality Check 101 retreat for church leaders. Topics: "Spiritual discernment in a time of uncertainty," "The differing roles of laity, clergy, and outside experts in church planning," "How to get off of the Round-about," "Asset verses Deficit planning," "Strategic verses Tactical thinking," and "Change verses Transition."

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