Writer's Workshop 8/25-27, 2019

For:Anyone who feels that they have a book, poem, or play inside them that needs published. Workshop will cover three areas: 1) the nature of creativity and why we write, 2) tools for better writing, 3) publishing and finding an audience. 

Summary:Some of the topics covered will include: How to organize what you write, understanding genre and finding your particular niche, story arc and how it applies even to non-fiction, using writing software (Scrivener, Vellum, etc.), faith and creativity, traditional verses independent publishing, article writing and blogs, editing, marketing, and finding joy as a writer. Discussions will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Care will be taken to consider the spiritual aspects of the writing process. Retreating to Olmsted is a great way to replenish one’s creativity. 

Use this link: http://www.olmstedmanor.org/writing-workshop.html