This workshop offers a guide to uncharted territory. For many of us, the pandemic has been a dream killer. It began by cutting us off from our relatives and work-friends. Then came anxiety. Would COVID kill a loved one? What if I suffer an extended hospitalization? What will be the pandemic’s effect be on my long-term health, mental state, and relationships? Meanwhile, the churches that we serve are facing a double whammy. The loss of trust that in our polarized fellowships that preceded the coronavirus and the strange new world that awaits us after the current crisis.

Ten Minute drama requiring 1-man and 1 adult or teen of either gender. Judas returns early on Good Friday morning to the upper room where he shared Jesus' last supper, along with the other eleven disciples. The room is now empty, except for the Innkeeper who is tidying things up. To the surprise of Innkeeper, Judas describes how Jesus washed his disciple's feet. A few minutes into the play, the Innkeeper leaves and Judas begins to show us where each person sat and what the other disciples secretly thought about Jesus.

How to heal the past, be compassionate today, and nonanxious for the future Intentional interim ministers have a tool box they use to bring Shalom to traumatized and conflicted congregations. That same tool box can helpful for individuals seeking Shalom. To find inner peace we must learn from our past, live compassionately in the present, and plan without anxiety for our future. This is more than simply a balancing act. One must develop a healthy decision making process. One must understand the roles and relationships that provide structure for our individual lives.

Play opens with darkness, a single light, and a weeping woman. This is the small village of Bethany, adjacent to the holy city of Jerusalem. Jesus has just been betrayed and arrested. Two of his disciples now creep towards this house, seeking refuge and bringing the bad news to Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. The next thirteen scenes gradually move the viewer from darkness to light, from fear to inspiration.